IV Treatment
Cold & Flu IV Drip
Our cold and flu IV package is designed to help mitigate the symptoms of your illness and help shorten the lifespan of your cold or flu. We accomplish this through an expertly designed combination of essential nutrients iv fluids and medicines.


$ 319.00

Cold & Flu IV Drip

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IV fluid: This nutrient-filled fluid will help you rehydrate and feel better.
Vitamin B Complex: B vitamins help your white blood cells increase and your energy levels rise.
Vitamin B12: This ingredient will give you a much-needed energy boost while strengthening your depleted immune system.
Vitamin C: With high-dose vitamin C, our Vitamin C boost can help replenish the immune system deficiency caused by your illness and give your immune function a helping hand.
Glutathione: Glutathione is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that inhibits the production of most inflammatory molecules called cytokines, helping alleviate aches and pains. A perfect compliment in IV treatments.
Zinc: Thought to slow virus replication, zinc can help cut down your cold duration.
Anti-inflammatory, headache, pain & fever medicine: Need something to quickly help take care of your aches, fever, headache, and/or generalized pain? That is exactly what our anti-inflammatory flu medications will do.